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Elie D. Al-Chaer
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Elie D. Al-Chaer is Professor of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology, Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences and Director of the Center for Pain Research (CPR™) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). He holds a B.S. (Mathematics; 1988) and an M.S. (Physiology; 1991) from the American University of Beirut (AUB), a Ph.D. (Neuroscience; 1996) from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) and a J.D. (Doctor of Jurisprudence; 2002) from South Texas College of Law.

His laboratory explores the neural mechanisms associated with pain symptoms refractory to conventional treatments. In particular, his work focuses on defining the neurogenic components of functional gastrointestinal disorders, and exploring the interactive dynamics of sensorimotor pathways and their roles in pain processing. Over the past three years, his team has developed an animal model of chronic visceral hypersensitivity and functional abdominal disorders. The model is used to study the development and plasticity of somatic and visceral pain circuitry, particularly the permanent structural, functional and behavioral alterations in the adult organism residual to neonatal pain or inflammation. The Center for Pain Research (CPR™) was founded by Dr. Al-Chaer in 2002; it is a consortium of research facilities specialized in the neurobiology of pain and related biobehavior. Its mission is to facilitate the process of interdisciplinary integration in pain research, lead to better venues of communication, and a better understanding of the complex pathophysiologies involved in pain management.

Dr. Al-Chaer is the recipient of numerous recognitions and awards for his work on pain, one such award being the year 2000 John C. Liebeskind Early Career Scholar Award by the American Pain Society.

As a trilingual scientist and a licensed attorney, Dr. Al-Chaer is a uniquely effective advocate of the issues most important to pain research; he presents them to the public at large and to interested audiences with the requisite scientific background and the necessary legal formation.

Elie Al-Chaer is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA); he is admitted to practice in the State of Texas (2002) and the District of Columbia (Washington DC; 2006). He is also very active in the field of biomedical research and health care sciences. He has appeared as a guest speaker at professional meetings in the United States and throughout the world. His dedication to serving the needs of his clients, as well as his thorough background in the fields of basic and clinical research, make him uniquely qualified to provide distinguished professional services.

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